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About Kompany

The Time Exchange Platform

Kompany Mission

At Kompany, our mission is to revolutionize the way people connect by fostering genuine, face-to-face interactions in an increasingly digital world. We aim to combat the pervasive loneliness and social isolation experienced by individuals of all ages by creating a robust marketplace where anyone can pay for or provide quality time. Our platform is built on the principles of accessibility, safety, and inclusivity, ensuring that every transaction is transparent and secure.

Our vision is to become the leading solution for anyone seeking to enrich their social life, redefine their leisure time, and experience the profound benefits of genuine human connections.

Our Values

Equitable Accesss

Ensuring that quality time is accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or current social connections. This value highlights Kompany’s dedication to democratizing social interactions and destigmatizing loneliness.

Diversity & Inclusion

Emphasizing the importance of creating a community that welcomes individuals from all walks of life. Kompany's platform is designed to be inclusive, allowing people without specific marketable skills to participate and benefit equally.


Being clear and upfront about pricing, services, and the operations of the platform. This value is critical in building trust with both consumers and providers who use Kompany.

Safety and Security

Given the platform's commitment to facilitating in-person interactions, maintaining rigorous safety protocols, including identity verification and escrow service, is paramount. This value underpins trust and reliability in all exchanges.


Allowing individuals to set their own hourly rates and choose how they spend their time with others. This empowerment is a key differentiator in the gig economy, where Kompany allows for personal autonomy and control.

Staying Human

A human intelligence community, which not only addresses loneliness but also enriches lives. Kompany’s model encourages the growth of IRL connections, supporting broader societal needs like companionship not supported provided by artificial experiences.

Digital Isolation Deepens Loneliness

Loneliness transcends digital natives, profoundly affecting the elderly and individuals with limited social skills, who struggle equally in a world prioritizing digital communication over personal interaction.

Americans reported feeling lonely, a significant increase from 54% in 2018
Gen Z participants reporting increased loneliness due to time spent on social media.
“We see a world where human contact will be increasingly scarce. We wanted to bridge this gap, creating a platform where anyone, regardless of age or social skills, could access this humanity.”
Matt M. Founder of


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